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PEF Tentative Contract Agreement: What You Need to Know

The Public Employees Federation (PEF), the largest union representing professional, scientific, and technical state employees in New York, has reached a tentative contract agreement with the state after more than two years of negotiations. The new contract, if ratified by the union`s members and approved by the state legislature, would cover the period from April 2, 2016, to April 1, 2022, and provide a range of benefits and protections to the union members. Here are some key aspects of the PEF tentative contract agreement:

Wages and Salary Increases

The proposed contract includes three consecutive annual salary increases, retroactive to April 2016, as follows:

– 2 percent increase for the period of April 2, 2016, to April 1, 2017

– 2 percent increase for the period of April 2, 2017, to April 1, 2018

– 2 percent increase for the period of April 2, 2018, to April 1, 2019

In addition, the contract would provide a longevity payment for eligible employees who have completed 10 years or more of service, ranging from $500 to $1,600 based on years of service.

Healthcare Benefits

The proposed contract would maintain the current health insurance plan options for PEF members, with some changes to the premium contribution rates and deductibles. Specifically, the contract would reduce the premium contribution rate for individual coverage from 16 percent to 12 percent for most employees, and increase the rate for family coverage from 27 percent to 31 percent for employees hired after April 1, 2012. The contract would also increase the annual out-of-pocket maximum for in-network coverage from $3,000 to $3,500 for individuals and from $9,000 to $10,000 for families.

Other Benefits

The tentative contract agreement would provide several other benefits and protections to PEF members, such as:

– Preservation of the current contractual language on overtime, flexible work arrangements, and work locations for most employees

– New contractual language on workplace violence prevention and response, including training, reporting, and investigation procedures

– New contractual language on professional development and training opportunities for PEF-represented employees, with a focus on career mobility and skills enhancement

– Preservation of the current contractual language on layoff and recall procedures, with some modifications to the notice periods and preference for affected employees

– New contractual language on telecommuting, allowing eligible employees to work remotely for up to two days per week with supervisor approval.

The tentative contract agreement also includes provisions for a joint labor-management committee to address workforce issues related to workload, staffing, and performance management.

Next Steps

The PEF leadership has recommended that its members vote in favor of the tentative contract agreement, which will be subject to a ratification vote by mail or online from August 2 to August 23, 2018. If a majority of the votes cast approve the agreement, the state legislature will need to approve the necessary funding before the contract can take effect. The PEF has estimated that the total cost of the contract would be about $250 million over the six-year period, and that the salary increases would be retroactive to the start of the fiscal year in which the contract was ratified.

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